Global Warming

Global Warming

The rise of industrialisation has brought us great innovations and advancements in virtually every aspect of our lives. A lot of things formally thought of as impossible have now been made possible, Humans can fly through the use of aeroplanes, we can cover a great distance in a shorter time frame by the use of motor vehicles, Communication and exchange of information can now be done with the click of a button through the internet and phones. This all has been made possible due to the rise of technology and machines.

Unfortunately, this also comes with its own disadvantages. New industries and settlements have to be built and these has led to the cutting down of trees to create space for the development of these modern infrastructures .

These technologies and machines also need power to function and to generate these power, we have to make use of a lot of resources thereby depleting our reservoir of natural and mineral resources. These technologies and machines emit certain by products in the process of production, and some of these by products are harmful to the ecosystem. Notable among this harmful by produce is Carbon (II) Oxide which is the main cause of global warming.

The world is getting warmer and warmer day by day. Atmospheric temperature is rising, ice in the Arctic and Antarctic region are melting and getting thinner. Animals in this regions are losing their natural habit and dying in numbers due to the increasing temperatures in their naturally cold habitats.

Global warming in recent times has become a top priority for most nations and non-governmental organisations to the extent where certain policies are being implemented to minimise and curb the emission of hot gasses into the atmosphere by the EU and USA.

In fact, there is a policy to ban the use of CO emission vehicles and machine in this decade by the EU, this will drastically reduce the emission of hot gasses into the atmosphere thereby slowing down the process of ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctic region.

There are also policies in place to promote the planting and growing of trees and stop the cutting down of Trees. Trees are natures filtration system as they take in these excess hot gasses and purify them into clean oxygen. Cutting down of trees has drastically affected these natural occurring process which has led to an increase in the CO level of the atmosphere.

So do join me today to plant a tree so we can save our animals, our environment and ourselves from the menace of global warming and extinction. Change starts with You and Me. Plant a tree today.

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